The WAVE is planned and managed according to a sustainability principles to ensure minimum environmental impacts and maximum value and benefits to participants, partners and any organisation involved.  To meet this goal, WAVE as an organisation continuously implemented actions in the following areas: 

Green office management

The WAVE office is operated according to the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle, thereby avoiding unnecessary resource use. 

Only 100% Electric Vehicles as participants 

The most unique aspect of WAVE relates to the participating vehicles, which are required to be powered by a 100% electric motor.  Additionally, each participating vehicle must be powered 100% by renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal.

Expeditions are powered by 100% renewable energy

Participating teams need to contribute to renewable energy production equivalent to the total power needs en route measured in kWh, plus a 10% for safety margin. This is important, as the vehicle are recharged en route on a daily basis from the grid, which may not be from renewable sources. WAVE participating teams have various options how to contribute to renewable energy production. This may be to produce electricity at home or to buy renewable energy from a power supplier. 

Responsible code of conduct en route

Similar to regular tourists, WAVE participants use natural resources and interact with local people en route each journey. The resulting social and environmental impacts could be wide ranging, be direct or indirect. To ensure positive benefits of interactions with local people, it is important that all WAVE participants show an open mind and respect for the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage of the places visited en route.  As the WAVE is a public event, it is important that all participants including teams, support staff and management by showing maximum social and environmental responsibility at all times. WAVE participants are required to follow a simple responsibility guideline en route distributed by the organisation.

Responible Event Partners

Each WAVE event is organised with the involvement of numerous local hosts and partners. Each WAVE event is an opportunity to showcase commitment to responsibility so that each the organisers and the event are collectively seen as ‘good for the planet’. To meet this goal, the WAVE requests event partners and hosts to follow guidelines for responsible marketing and promotion material distribution, food sourcing, waste management and transportation. 

Carbon Neutrality 

As it is the aim of WAVE to be a zero emissions event, all emissions from business and participant travel, hotel stays and the transport of competition fleet and equipment will be accounted for on an event basis.  The GHG emissions are estimated using standard techniques using internationally accepted tools. The WAVE compensates for the emissions by investing in renewable energy project only.  To help achieve this goal, the Swiss non-profit organisation myclimate supports the WAVE as its environmental partner.


To continuously improve organisation, all travel and partners, as well as participants will be consulted to evaluate the quality of each WAVE. It is hoped that valuable experience will be gained from each trip and event.

For more information on the WAVE's sustainability policy please contact Julianna Priskin.